Hans van Rhoon (1958, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
After his time as a freelance travel photographer for magazines as National Geographic, Residence, En France, and Villa d’Arte he decided 4 years ago to turn to social and reportage photography.
This resulted in his first project ‘Living Memories, a journey through traces of the Dutch involvement in slavery in Ghana’.
Several projects followed, such as ‘Living Forts‘, a landscape documentary about the reuse of the New Dutch Waterline.
Currently, commissioned by the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, he is taking pictures of police forces in 10 different European countries. The scientific EU research is called 'Composite'. This study will take a total of 4 years, and focus on how changes in these forces are managed, the international differences and why one change in one country succeeds or fails, and not in another.
Another project he just has completed:
Divided Past - A trip along the Dutch slave trade in Brazil, Angola (Africa) and Zeeland (a province in The Netherlands).
Since 2008 he is a freelance teacher at the photo academy in Rotterdam. He is also affiliated with and is represented by the Dutch photo agency Hollandse Hoogte .

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